Tube Fabrication & Color, LLC

We've Moved to Oshkosh!

TFC is now located at:
2601 Badger Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54904

Located in the heart of Wisconsin's Fox River Valley, TFC has become one of the leaders in tube fabrication and powder painting in the area. We are an honest and ethical company- supporting both large and small projects.

Tube Fabrication & Color is a full turnkey operation. We can:

  • Support your engineering design
  • Build to your specifications
  • Powder paint
  • Package
  • Ship directly to your customers' door step

Find out more about TFC's services.

Phone: 920-233-3317

Fax: 920-582-4819

Quality built products with YOUR CUSTOMERS in mind. It's what sets us apart!

The following services make TFC a one-stop supplier for several products used in many industries in the USA:

  • Engineering design
  • Fabrication
  • Kanban
  • Paint
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Private labeling